Messages of Divine Love: the Space Between Breaths

April 24, 2023/ Tarot of Transformation

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Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

This Tarot of Transformation deck defies the normal rules of tarot to deliver a heart-centered message every time. I never read this deck reversed – treating it more as a tarot-oracle deck. For each of the cards, spend some time meditating on the gorgeous illustrations from Willow Arlenea. There are so many layers to her art including sacred geometry that I’m sure you’ll find even deeper meanings in the cards for yourself.

The theme for this reading urges us to look at the liminal space – the moment between breaths – the darkness just before the spark of brilliance. With two aces in this spread, we are well on our way to a new beginning. We don’t need to revisit the past, only focus and integrate ourselves in the present. Share in the comments below what new journeys and endeavors you have taken in the past month – let me celebrate and support this new path!

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Where We Are This Week

Ace of Swords

Throat Chakra

We are in the space between breaths right now. The very verge of a brilliant idea, a new step forward, a dawning enlightenment that will make everything else fall into place. If we have faith that everything we’ve experienced has led us up to this moment in time, we’ll find a way through with ease and brilliance. We have so many global, local, and just batshit, out-of-nowhere problems that it’s often easy to get sidetracked and convinced to doubt everything we see, hear and understand. It leaves us feeling hopeless and alone. But the signal from this card is “don’t give up” because the solution(s) we’ve been waiting for is just around the corner. The only hitch is, we need to start accepting that we are the heroes we’ve been waiting for.

Messages from our Guides

Ace of Disks

Root Chakra

We had the ace of wands here last week offering us a branch of hope. This week we are given a signal of rebirth – the disc as an egg – the beginning of a new life taking hold within us now. The signs have been there all year long that we are entering a new era of our lives. That big thing we were hoping to accomplish with our lives, the big calling that has been “egging” us on is ready to make its debut. Get the nest ready, clear out the old clutter, and make ready the way for a new way of living our lives – not just metaphorically, but in the physical realm of our lives as well – including and especially our conception of community.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

The Crone

Crown Chakra

In other decks, this would be the Hermit card, a signal for a transcendent retreat in some cases, an intentional solitude in others. But this week, depicted as the Crone, it is about the natural isolation of wisdom. When we retrieve the wisdom of Mother Earth, it organically makes us a bit more withdrawn from the illusions of the world we once knew. Once we open up the light of our hearts, we cannot help but outshine those who depended on the darkness of our ignorance. But what good is our light, the illumination of our enlightenment if we don’t also share that light with others?

Messages from the Ancients

4 of Disks

Root Chakra

We have been wandering, looking for a home for such a long time that we’ve almost forgotten the home we’ve already created for ourselves. Are we taking it for granted? Are we so envious of what others have that we neglect to appreciate all that is within our reach right now? Even if we are in dire straits (compared to what capitalism tells us we should be by now) we are called to make a home where our heart is – and to make our homes a reflection of our heart. While I might have put the heart chakra down for this card, the idea of setting down roots wherever we are (or getting to that location very soon) is the main message from the ancients.

Messages from Our Future Selves

The Magician

Third Eye Chakra

In the near future, we will have the ability to manifest so much more easily. But so will others. So we must understand lessons about consent, boundaries, and accountability. It will be a time of tremendous power – but you know…the Spiderman quote about power and responsibility? That’s what we need to be exercising right now – demonstrating our smaller manifestations. Check the ethics, because, in all of our manifestations, we don’t have the right to take from others or impose our will on them. Instead, recognize the higher purpose for the power we are wielding and take responsibility for those co-creations.

Messages from Mother Mary

Healer of Swords

Third Eye Chakra

We each have knowledge that can heal the world around us. Indeed, this card, which represents the Queen of Swords, offers this solution. We have access to knowledge and resources, and new ways of being, and believe that knowledge will be the source of our liberation. Despite what the current book ban attempts have tried to show us, we cannot fully go back now that the genie of knowledge, the snake of wisdom is let loose on the world. Be the embodiment of how we can use this knowledge, experience, and ideals to heal first ourselves and then others.


The Chariot

Solar Plexus Chakra

If it feels like a lot is happening under the surface it’s because it is. The waters are swirling, the air is shifting, and the patterns are changing. We have released so many of our blockages that there is finally room to drive fearlessly into our future. But because we are in Mercury Retrograde, the Chariot is in the undercurrent instead of the surface. This is as it should be. We may not be going fast, but we are making progress. Trust the road ahead of you.

Final Advice


Sacral Chakra

The truth that we all will have to face, the reason that the Temperance card comes after the Death card is that to be reborn, we need to re-integrate the lost and stolen parts of our story to illuminate the truth about the Devil within (the card immediately after). Retrieving those lost parts of ourselves isn’t a matter of containing or discarding our past, but carrying enough of it into the future for it to contribute to the future without overpowering the present. Allowing these elements of ourselves to flow into place, we’ll find an even deeper understanding.

Parting words from a Geek Empress

It’s been ages since I watched Sword in the Stone, one of those classic Disney retellings of King Arthur. Just like this moment where the young apprentice to Merlin sees the sword in the stone and contemplates pulling it – the split second before we make a choice and commit our bodies to action is the space that we’re starting this week. We are on the verge of solutions to the world’s problems if we just trust ourselves enough to move forward with the inspiration we’ve been given.

Arthur doesn’t know a) that he’ll even be able to pull the sword from the stone and b) what it will mean if he does. He doesn’t sit and overthink the consequences – he has an idea, an inkling, an inspiration and he tries – because he knows that if he doesn’t give the idea a chance, he might miss out on an even bigger opportunity to step into who he is meant to be. Each of us is standing there, looking at the impossible but enticing opportunities before us. This moment is the breath before which we say, “Frak it, you know what? Why not me? I have to at least try.” Who cares if it’s foolish and it doesn’t work – don’t we owe it to ourselves to follow through on the inspiration that has shown up?

Remember, I am with you always in love 💖

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