Messages of Divine Love (10/3/22): In the Aftermath

Hallelujah, that Mercury Retrograde is finally over. I feel like I was put through the meat grinder of relationship turmoil over the past three weeks. My core relationships are solid, but old wounds surfaced that were far more painful than even I predicted. And while I’m not one to run away from my own issues, this particular Retrograde held such stagnant impossibility that I had no choice but to lean in and just –feel– it.

We are having to reevaluate so much in our lives right now. Many of us have had to let go of family members who choose loyalty to a leader over protecting democracy. We’ve had to confront hidden abuse in our childhoods. We’ve been pressured to be everyone and everything all at once while being never enough and too much at the same time. Even I as a parent have had to redefine how I engage with my now-adult kids. Even if it seems like a minor thing, it’s gnawing away at the rotting structures that have actually kept us from being truly real with each other.

This reading is validating in a big way – the friendships, connections, and communities that we once identified with are no longer serving us. That means old political parties, faith traditions, and even alma mater/fraternity/sorority identities are falling away rapidly. Small disagreements reveal larger chasms of trust. We can no longer engage with people who aren’t concerned for our safety and whose ideals of liberation are confined to a scant set of patriarchal values.

We simply can’t vibe with folks who want everything to stay the same – who think that things were just fine before. We can’t hold them in the same space of energy and it shows. Humanity is too big & diverse for one’s viewpoint to be so limited. There’s very little excuse anymore – we’re exposed to so many ideas that soon we’ll have no choice but to expand and heighten our view. But it is exactly that heightened view that is so threatening to patriarchal control. Because once we see the view from above, the view from someone else’s vantage point, nothing is ever the same again.

What do we see when we’re finally at 14,000 feet viewing our towns and cities from the mountaintop? Or what about at 30,000 feet in a jet plane. Or 1200 miles in a low earth orbit. When we allow ourselves to see broader and higher, deeper and richer than we ever have before, we start to realize how much of our strife disappears. From this view, borders of nationality are meaningless and symbols of faith are indetectable. We are grains of sand in the universe, the only evidence of our existence are collections of lights all across this majestic landscape. Collections of humanity gathered together in enough power to be a twinkle of presence in the vastness of All There Is. We are one.

Once we see this truth, there is no unseeing it. We can deny it all we want, but we can’t scrub it from the subconscious and it will always be threaded into all that we do. This awareness can’t be fully erased – it always exists there underlying whatever programming has been woven on top of our lifetimes of reinforced fear. No amount of propaganda can truly erase the part of the subconscious that longs to truly know oneness. It will always reach out for that hope, even if malicious hands reach them before we do.

This fracturing of reality is causing all of us so much pain for all of us. Even the people we are leaving are in pain too. But sometimes we need distance to heal, we need to release them with trust that they will find the transformation we hope for. And while I am committed to not leaving anyone behind, sometimes we have to realize that if we go around saving everyone ourselves, not only are we draining our own lifeforce, but we’re blocking someone else who might have just the right message, just the right approach to make a difference.

This week the Tarot of the Divine announces quite clearly that towers have fallen. We are standing in the aftermath of a tornado-hurricane-blizzard-heatwave of a retrograde/Equinox season. We survived and are assessing the damage. But as we do we can now truly examine what’s been exposed and what doesn’t need to be revived in the structures and connections we build next. This is the time we will see new heroes, creatives, and stabilizers emerge within us to lead with a balance of both intuition and reason. And this, more than anything is what the Messages of Divine Love readings are about.

See more below…

Where we are this week

Three of Cups (Reversed)

There is disharmony within the identities and relationships that once felt safe to us. That disruption could be from any source in any type of close human bond: best friends, family, work family, covens, prayer groups, gaming polycules, fraternities. Some of our most sacred bonds have been disconnected or distanced and frankly, we’re only now starting to realize how much energy it was taking for us to maintain our presence there. Fear not, it doesn’t mean we are without “our people”, it just means we’re upgrading the connections we need for the next leg of our journey. We are wrung out, aching with loss, fuming over the past because we’ve finally realized how disproportionate it was to exist in those old spaces. Release them with love – those who are meant to be with us will find us when they’re ready.

Release them with love.

Messages from our Guides

Eight of Cups

The message of this card is “do the work”. This is the hard part of creating and manifesting our dreams. We might feel enormous pressure to give it up and go the easy route, but this, like most things in the past month and month ahead is a test of our own resolve. How much do we believe in ourselves and our own vision? Even if all the Twitter birds are telling us we’re wrong, we have to keep putting in the work. We have to keep showing up, and staying consistent. For if we don’t believe in our vision to keep showing up, who else will? This is the time to roll up our sleeves and do the thing. It isn’t glamorous, but it matters.

Dedicating ourselves to our vision.

Messages from Lady Gaia

King of Coins

This is such a beautiful card – and there is no way I can do justice to the indigenous stories of the World Turtle or Turtle Island. This is a symbol of the intertwined relationship between life and Mother Earth. There is a sacred interdependence between all things. The King of Coins is such a natural way of demonstrating this because the safety and stability of such a demonstrably close symbiosis nature is exactly in this ruler’s wheelhouse. Just like the turtle in legend, the king of coins within us recognizes that our actions have consequences for other living beings dependent on our choices. So, this week, let us notice the ways our actions are intertwined with each other. See through the eyes of a leader who truly recognizes that we are one.

We are more interdependent than we realize.

Messages from our Ancestors

Five of Wands

How much disharmony needs to happen before we realize we’re actually all on the same side? We definitely come at things from different perspectives and sometimes with wildly different facts, but too often we’re so busy beating up on each other that we don’t realize all the possibility that exists between us. Remember when we’re busy fighting each other, we’re also ignoring the guy assessing our weaknesses, including our pettiness to gain an advantage. Our own competitiveness, our own grudges, and “well actually” clapbacks aren’t bringing us any closer to the life we want, is it? Did our ancestors go through all of this just for us to continue to fight the same small fights? We are getting hit from all sides, do we really have to fight every battle we’re invited to attend? Or is there something more? What are we really fighting for?

Don’t attend every argument we’re invited to.

Messages from our Future Selves

Six of Coins (R)

Normally this is a card of generosity and charity -finally being in a position to offer such and give back. But here, I’m getting a “beware of slithery snake oil” vibe. Beware of promises that people don’t intend to keep, remedies that seem too good to be true. Look for the hidden strings attached and recognize people’s motivations in trying to “help” you. Yes, we absolutely should be open and welcoming of help, but we also need to be shrewd and discerning. Otherwise, we will get caught up in someone else’s puppet strings, or worse, we’ll sprout marionette strings of our own. And just like most of my readings, this one comes with a flipside – we also must resist the temptation to make others dance on our string to our tune. We can’t condition our help on control over someone else – so give that homeless family on the corner $5 and stop obsessing over how they spend it.

Discernment over our support systems.

Mother Mary

Nine of Wands

“The night is dark and full of terrors” is what came to mind when I saw this. The nine wands card brings to mind the image of a boss battle. We have faced the dark side of our ambition, the weakness of our passion, the vulnerability of our wounds and we are facing our final test – to prove we are the leaders we have been called to be. If it sounds scary, it should be. But that’s why Mother Mary brings the message – because she reminds us that throughout any ordeal, any trial in our lives, we are never truly alone. We might have to walk through fire by ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we don’t carry the strength of the saints, angels, and ascended masters with it. It doesn’t stop us from wearing the blessings of deities and ancestors on our shoulders. We carry threads of every person who ever mattered to us, every loving kiss from a beloved, every embrace by a caregiver in the cherished chambers of our hearts. We are never alone. And in the journey that we face, this last test, carry the soul of all these supportive beings with us.

We are more supported than we can know.

Undercurrents & Final advice

The Chariot

Seize control over our destiny.

The Tower (R)

There’s no going back to what was.

It is pretty extraordinary what has happened for so many of us over the past few weeks. But this is giving us a renewed motivation to break through every obstacle in our path. Now that we’ve exposed these wounds, we can see our direction much more clearly – we know how much our people pleasing was slowing us down, and our forced neutrality was costing us in motivation. We know exactly what needs to be done and there’s nothing that can really stop us now. The question is, will we take the reins to take control – because life is moving forward with or without us.

I talk a LOT about the Tower card. And this one is a big deal. The fall is inevitable. We cannot prevent the fracturing that is coming. We can only ground ourselves, devoid of any illusions, awakened to possibility. For anytime that the mind is opened up to a new idea, cracks form in the towers that society *cough* patriarchy built for us. We are seeing it in Iran with the protests. Women who no longer will be controlled, who will choose their own garments and values. We see it with men who will no longer allow other men to bully their equals into submission. The walls are coming down all around us.


Let us not fear the release of such much pent-up pain. Just as we must find compassion for ourselves as we release old attachments, may we also cultivate the courage to heal our relationship with the earth. May our efforts contribute to the liberation of humanity through the expansion of our hearts and minds. Let us always act with love even when it all feels like it’s falling apart.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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